“There is not enough space to write about how wonderful it was working with Mattingly Construction on my pediatric dental office. I had a very specific design in mind for my office with a lot of custom features. Prior to even selecting Mattingly as my contractor, Charlie was one of my biggest allies in the project. He has the most genuine concern for his clients and everyone on the Mattingly team worked to make sure my office was exactly what I wanted it to be. When I got the initial bid back, he called several subcontractors and vendors to find alternate/lower costs.  If there was ever a concern from me, they addressed it that day. Mattingly is extremely prompt, thorough, and excellent with their follow through on what they say they will do. Brian was very meticulous, and I appreciated how much he kept me involved and explained details in decision making. Even after my office was completed, Charlie and Bruce came by several times to make sure there weren’t any issues we missed during final walk through.  If I ever needed anything from them, they came that day to see how they could help. They are so personable and easy to get along with also! The quality of their work is impeccable. They are also extremely trustworthy. I never once felt as if they were trying to hide anything or cover up anything. They are true to their word and take so much pride in their work, and it shows. I could not have asked for a better company to work with. They even went above and beyond to help me with things that weren’t necessarily in their scope of responsibilities. I could not recommend this company enough; the standards they hold themselves to as contractors and people are incredible. I am so blessed to have had their help and collaboration on my dream office.”  -Dr. Andrea Shelton