Construction Superintendent Job Description

The Construction Superintendent coordinates all site construction activities as well as supervises all field personnel as required to successfully complete the project on schedule and within budget.

These responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining the highest quality, supervising all trade and field personnel, while administering good construction safety practices with all on-site activities. Maintains the job site office and closes out projects.
  • Report to Project Manager.
  • Managing the day-to-day field activities to ensure that the project milestone dates, and overall schedule completion date is met.
  • Creating short-interval look-ahead project schedules that make sure that upcoming events are communicated, tracked and are being proactively attended to
  • Plan work schedules so that conflicts do not occur between subs.
  • Creating and maintaining a culture that values safety, health and cleanliness
  • Managing and coordinating the work to ensure that it is constructed in an orderly and deliberate manner that is consistent with the standard-of-care set forth in the contract documents that is viewed by industry as an effort that is consistent with best-practices standards.
  • Establishing and maintaining all dimensional controls for the project to include the use of third-party survey and layout personnel when appropriate.
  • Verifying that all work is installed in a workmanlike manner (i.e.: plumb, level, straight, etc…)
  • Manage and look-ahead no less than two weeks to proactively identifying issues that could lead to problems and facilitate solutions.
  • Obtaining all inspections and ensuring that the quality aspects of the physical work are fully documented.
  • Conducting and/or attending pre-construction, progress meetings
  • Meeting with client representatives on a regular basis to discuss the status of projects, to proactively identify and resolve problems and to assure that the client is kept knowledgeable about the status of the work.
  • Managing self-performed activities to ensure that work is being performed within the established project budget.
  • Managing changes in project scope to ensure that the contract documents are being used at all times to prevent avoidable rework.
  • Knowledgeable of subcontracts, purchase orders and other agreement to ensure that the scope, terms and conditions are consistently and proactively being met.
  • Managing the punch list and project closeout process to assure timely completion AND SIGNED OFF BY CLIENT
  • Maintaining daily paperwork such as, field reports, schedule updates and E-mail correspondence
  • Maintain positive relationships with customers, contractors, suppliers and other employees.
  • Make sure job site is secure and locked each evening.
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